Mark Fitzgerald

Oz Management Entertainment have always delivered exceptional service and the production technology that we require to make our shows an enjoyable experience for our audience. No matter the capacity or layout of the venue, the Oz Management Entertainment team go the extra mile with their attention to detail so that we take the stage with the confidence our sound is top quality.

Hi Tony,

Thank you again for your services. We didn’t get to chat much but I had complete confidence in you and it ran perfectly and smoothly because of your professionalism. It was great to have you involved and will be in touch in the future.

Dear Tony

It was a great opportunity to work with you on our event  in Hurstville NSW. Our artists from Nepal, Pashupati Sharma and Manju Poudel were very happy with the quality of the sound system Oz Management Entertainment provided on that day. We had around 900 people attending and all of them were very happy. Thanks again!

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