Why Use an Entertainment Consultant

Oz Management Entertainment – Decades of experience supplying to thousands of events!

Having the right entertainment at your event can make or break the overall experience.

When organizing entertainment a lot goes on behind the scenes. The audience doesn’t need to know it and the client doesn’t need to know it but with that said, behind the scenes there is a lot of know how required to design, organize and deliver entertainment properly.

Choosing the right artists  is most important and essential to delivering a successful show or event, but it is by no means the end of the process. In many ways it is only the start.

Contracting performers commonly requires skills such as negotiating fees, satisfying technical specifications, meeting legal obligations as well as satisfying contract riders which can include details ranging from travel arrangements to the facilities required by performers when on site at an event. An entertainment coordinator must possess the ability to action all this and more.

Creating and ensuring timelines encompassing equipment supply, equipment delivery, rehearsals, sound checks, green rooms, equipment change overs and performance run sheets need to be accurate and is not generally for the uninitiated or the faint hearted. Oz Management Entertainment is an excellent manager of these type of logistics with years of experience at doing so.

For clients wanting “something different” Oz Management Entertainment have the resources to create bespoke entertainment including a wide range of concepts and styles. Rock, jazz, opera, dance and many other components which can be integrated into a total experience for your clients, staff or guests and in a variety of environments and venues.

Oz Management Entertainment has been making the excellent choices for a wide range of clients for over three decades. We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to make good informed decisions and because we understand the process, from the organizer’s perspective as well as the artist’s, we are in a unique position to plan and deliver an exciting and appropriate event entertainment roster , delivered with a frictionless flow, a lack of fuss and with great attention to detail.







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